I AM YOU - a definition -

 I  do not mean that in a metaphysical way we are connected somehow...-even if in atom level we are connected  , i also do not claim we that we have an invisible spiritual neural "cable" that conects our brains -., i  am neither a clone of you ,we are only differentiated repetitions of the same SELF.....which is THE CORE of our existence in all of our differentiated forms.           When i pain the feeling i have is same - or similar-  with the feeling you have when you pain, when someone is in desperation because of his addictions  he feels grief in similar ways you may also can feel   ,when you eat an orange the phenomenon of taste that is emerging in you is similar with that others feel when they eat an orange ...,when you get in ecstatic pleasure we  "become" about the same thing in feelings,  we both need similar basic things like love ,affection, safety ,serenity,  friends ,meaningful life, etc..But we have many different "accessories" for this  same core self. Many cars contain  the same exactly engine but look different from outside and inside as well,they have many diferent accesories , also many pc have same hardware but different software or appearance.                                                                                    Imagine if  you was given  in an  other family with other culture to grow up when you were a baby . - an adoption-.  You would become a person with different personality according to the environmental effects and your different experiences in companion with your dna and your different opinions about good and bad you would get there.....Even if you had a different personality and believes you would be the SAME PERSON ...YOU  . You would still be able to feel your self but in a different way ........a YOU with other personality. So it is obvious that in a abstract way of thinking you are not your personality but you have a personality and as well you can change your personality but you remain the same "person",  same excistence, entity who has a personality . Now imagine if in that alternative life  in that other family if you had an accident and you had to make a surgery that would change totally the way your face looks . And lets say that you had circumstances that made you to eat too much and become fat. This person would still be you with differentiated look . So we are not our appearance  also...this is something that dramatically changes as the years passes but we are still the same person even with other look .  In fact every 7 years we totaly change the most of our body cells  but we remain  the same person even in a different new bodie...Now something more ..... DNA    . As you were growing up you knew that you was lets say boy. If someone who had the scientific knowledge could predefine your gender geneticaly  and lets say he could define that you will become  a girl...As you would growing up you would feel your self again  but you would think your self as girl and you would try to behave similar. Similar changes to your DNA could make you have different characteristics in other things also  , but you...THE OBSERVANT IN YOUR BODY would be the same core self with differentiated " accessories" characteristics....-girl instead of boy - . You would still pain you would still need love ,safety attention  and  etc ... but you would have different tools to manage your life.  If in this alternative scenario of your life  lets say if you  could meet your self in this senario of life you have now......from both of these 2 bodies you would observe your other self and call him -her ..OTHER  and behave to that one as TO AN  OTHER.....To Who? To  you -as we made the affair- in an alternative differentiated life scenario .Do you understand now the illusion we have when we meet others and feel them as OTHERS? -ALIENATION-   If we generalise this we easy see that all other people we meet are in  similar way our core existence in other dna ,appearance  and experiences but same true needs same loneliness or need of love and safety and etc. But we feel call and behave to them as OTHERS  . This ALIENATION IS CALLED   ILLUSION OF SEPARATENESS .                                                                                                                      An other thing you can think to catch this idea is the concept of Empathy. What do we do when we want to feel empathy for someone? We usually imagine how would we feel if we were not as we are now but if we were in similar to the person we empathise circumstances. So we take out our appearance ,our dna,our  temperament,  and our believes and we try to get into others life empathetical. Great actors are very efficient to do  this. When we take out all these things then that WHAT is REMAINING  is OUR DEEP PURE CORE SELF .This "self" we put it with our imagination to the circumstances of the other person. Is that proper ? Yes .Why? Because into the other person we subconsciously know that this pure core self exists again in different circumstances.If this core SELF was existing only to us the total concept of EMPATHY AND COMPASSION would be fake, and It would be impossible to empathise others as we could not have a REFERENCE of what is about  happening there to that other body.This is the common ground as we use to say to build our empathetic relation ..that as core we are the same "self" with same basic needs and fears and different accesories .So we feel that there is a hope to understand each other as far as we cultivate these skills even if we are not physicaly connected .love is a wireless connection that unites us  through our empathetic imagination as we observe in self-awareness our self and the other person too and realise how same we are inspite our differencies .                                                 When we are emotionally numb because we feel FEAR-stress    -  numbness of consciousness is  result of an instinctive defence to fear in order not to suffer-then we lose the ability to have awareness in clarity and sanity  of our self and much more we lose the ability to have awareness of others.....we lose our self-consciousness and our conscience becomes anaesthetic  ..so we act to others not in the way we would like others behave to our self  ,actually we can harm others because we objectify them. This happens because we are anaesthetised in order not to pain -addictions also are used from us to do something similar-.   We feel in short term less pain but near to that  pain we lose our self-awareness  also and our compassion and empathy.Some of us we had never the chance to feel how is to be awake in self-awareness and clarity of mind...because of the somatization of stress that  we carry we have diminished awareness and this diminish our conscience also-we can harm others without empathy-.. Believe me when our pure self -awareness emerges we do not need all these proves and examples to understand this "strange" concept... that others are our self. When we take the time to take a worm from a dry Field where we see it suffering and dying  slowly-slowly  and put it in a wet Field to save it,  because we feel compassion ,then we feel that in that worm there is something that is in us also . ....our core pure Self...and we know and are aware that this self -even if it is in the form of warm- suffers and must not be left there without help. This core pure self is not an abstract idea ...actually is about  what you feel when you close your eyes and feel your self -but as we told without some "accesories"- ... YES THE PHENOMENON    OF  " YOU"   EXISTS NOT IN ONE BODY ONLY -IN YOU-BUT TO EVERY ONE YOU MEET FROM A WORM TO ALL HUMANS  AND TO GOD. This is the core of empathy and the root of true Love. When our consciousness is Awake enough then we can love not ony our friends but  AND OUR ENEMIES AS WELL for same  reason -that we understand that they are ""our self in a differenteted ,seperated ,repetition and in a alternative life scenario , SO WE CAN EMPATHISE THEM even if they became our enemies because of the lack of this awereness. ALL PEOPLE WHO HAD EVER LIVED IN EARTH AND LIVING NOW THEY  WERE AND ARE  ALL   YOU!!!..    -DIFFERENTIATED YOU....BUT YOU  -THIS IS THE REASON OF LOVE AND THE REASON THAT WE HAVE TO LOVE OTHERS AS OUR SELF......BECAUSE THEY SIMPLE ARE OUR SELF!!! wE DO NOT EXIST ONLY IN ONE BODY BUT IN MANY BODIES SIMULTANUSLY AND WE HAVE INDIPENTED WILL IN ORDER TO SERVE THE TOTAL SPIRITUAL BODY OF OUR SELF  MORE EFFECTIVELY .WE DO NOT HAVE A NEURAL CABLE TO FEEL WHAT OUR OTHER DEFFERENTIATED REPITITIONS FEEL BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE NO PRACTICAL BUT WE HAVE OUR IMAGINATION AND A SPIRITUAL NEURAL WIRELESS CONECTION TROUGH EMPATHY , SO WE CAN  FEEL WHAT OTHERS ARE FEELING  AND BE CONNECTED IN ONE    .   I also believe that we are physically connected in the level of atoms and i have allot to add on this. But when i say we are not in a metaphysical way connected i mean that there is not an invisible neural system that connect my brain with yours in the same way my feet are connected to my brain . I made this clarification because indeed by making the declaration "I AM YOU" in my post many people can think that this is paranormal and not rational and totally out of our  common experience.How can i be you ? are we connected ?This is the way usually people response on this.So we are connected by means of the atoms as they prolong their entity from one material  to the other but the way i mean i am you is not a "cable" form of communication -i give the metaphor of telephony-  but it is more similar to the wireless mobile telephony .This happens because the function that can connect us through love is the empathetic thinking in clarity and sanity as we observe others and we put our selves to their circumstances. So it not the physical medium behind my concept that unites us but our empathetic imagination in companion with our ability to collect information for the other people through our sences and make love conclusions  in a awake spiritual state -not in numbness-.Also is important to notice here  that we all keep our seperate free will and individuality as it is obvious -.Love is a wireless connection that unites us through our empathetic imagination as we observe in self-awareness our self and the other persons too and realise how same we are in spite our differences  and how really and important are their needs to be covered  as  our own needs - if are healthy needs-.So it is a matter of awareness that our deepest self participates in  with feelings which can motivate us to act also empathetical and with compassion and contribute to others....Now WE have to remember that when we hurt others we hurt our self there in an other body even if we do not feel it because we are anaesthetised and dissconected.. but  the pain EXIST THERE and WE are there who are suffering alone ..and in the same way when others hurt us our pain is real and big even they cannot realise it in their emotional numbness and is them self in us who suffers alone.This is giving to  us the intention to make our best to cultivate our awareness and empathy so we do not hurt or hurt less others=our self. Do you get it?.......... but is different to feel it of just knowing it don't you think? ,